20 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Albania

1. Tirana

The capital city of Albania, Tirana will be the starting point for many people exploring the best places in Albania. The city is the main stationary point for tourist. People are exceptionally friendly and the city is supremely affordable, with surprisingly excellent food and drinks. If you love clubbing Tirana is the place to be. Main points to visit are :

Et’hem Bey Mosque

Old Bazaar

National Art Gallery

National Historic Museum

Dajti Mountain

Petrela Castle


Night Life in Tirana

gjirokaster                    Courtesy of adventurous-travels

2. Gjirokastra

There has been a settlement here for 2500 years, though these days it’s the 600 ‘monumental’ Ottoman-era houses in town that attract visitors. The town is also synonymous for Albanians with former dictator Enver Hoxha, who was born here and ensured the town was relatively well preserved under his rule; though he is not memorialized in any way here today.

3. Pogradec

It is a very quiet place to chill out. The nature is very nice and the lake is so still.

Once in Pogradec you can go to:

Driloni National Park

Royal tombs of Lower Selca

Golik Bridge

4. Kruja

It is is the birth place of the Albania’s National hero. It’s a very historical city, you can notice also by the architecture and old stone houses. In Kruja you can visit:

The Bazaar

Skanderbeg Museum

The Castle


The castle also offers staggering views of the Adriatic Sea. The national park Qafe Shtama and the tomb of Sari Saltik are also located close to Kruja, once there you can take advantage and visit them as well.

5. Saranda

Saranda is the main point of Albanian Riviera. Even though the town has undergone a huge amount of development in the last 20 years. Don’t forget to see Lekursi Castle.


6. Berat

Berat is often known by its nickname – the City of a Thousand Windows – due to its mix of Ottoman and Albanian architecture.

Berat’s main tourist site is the 140th century castle, Kalaja, which is still home to hundreds of people. Formerly among the most important Albanian cities of the Ottoman Empire, Berat was added to the list of Unesco World Heritage sites in 2008.

The Church of St. Mary of Blachernae is a must-see sight for anyone visiting Berat, as is the Mangalem Quarter.


7. Shkodra

Shkodra is known as the city of bicycles.  One of the city’s most popular attractions are the ruins of Rozafa Castle, a former Illyrian stronghold situated on a rocky hill above town that offers stunning views out over Lake Shkodra.

The Marubi National Museum of Photography is one of the must seen places Shkodra. At the same time you will be able to learn history, art, demography and economy beside the world history of photography. Is a new one, interactive and modern designed museum. You even have the lightroom and shotroom 😉

Albanian Scarf

8. Shëngjin

Shëngjin is the ideal harmony between the sea, the mountain and the city. The beach of ‘Rëra e hedhur’ is one of the best option to pass the vacation in this oasis of Adriatic sea.

9. Theth

Centered in North Albania, this Jeep Safari places you in the heart of the national park of Theth. You’re free to explore the village, visit the waterfall or discover the ‘Blue eye’. If you’re looking for a deeper dive into Albanian life style, you are in the right place.

10. Durrës

Durrës is only 30min away by car from Tirana. Usually it’s crowded but places like Lalzi Bay stretches in a long line and is one of the most enjoyable ones. If you want to chill with good seafood and a spectacular view in front of you, Charlie Max Marine in Kallm, Durrës, it’s the best choice.

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11. Ksamil

Ksamil, 17km south of Saranda, has three small, dreamy islands within swimming distance of shore and dozens of beachside bars and restaurants that open in the summer.

12. Llogara Park

It offers good and fresh food and amazing nature and sightseeing. From the top of Llogara you can see the whole south Riviera. Located in the middle of the Llogara National Park, the road travels to over 1,000 meters above sea level and the scenery will take your breath away.

13. Blue Eye / Syri i Kaltër

Reaching unknown depths, this blue hole in Albania’s Delvinë District is fed by an underground spring. Tourists travel from miles around for a glimpse of its natural beauty. Its name means “Blue Eye,” and it is mesmerizing to gaze into its portal.


14. Butrint

The ancient ruins of Butrint, 18km south of Saranda, are famed for their size, beauty and tranquility. They’re in a fantastic natural setting and are part of a 29-sq-km national park.

15. Apollonia Archaeological Park

Beautiful archaeological park where there is still digging going on by archaeologists. The park is located in Fier. The ancient ruins are beautiful ,also not to miss is the XII’th century monastery and the small museum.

16. Përmet

This place allows you to enjoy the nature landscapes while traveling with the car. It’s a breathtaking view. Once there you can go at Thermal waters in Bënjë.   Bënjë is located around eight miles away from the center of Përmet. At the very beginning of the street you will see the Katiu’s Bridge, that was built within the medieval period, it remains in good condition until today. There flow out a group of sources, from which are formed small lakes with water of different sizes.

Each lake is used for treatment of a specific problem, for example, acne and other skin diseases, rheumatism and diseases of body, stomach, etc. By choosing this destination it means you are making a healthy gift to yourself.

17. Patok Lagoon

The undiscovered secrets of Laç can be experienced only when you’re there. The panoramic view of the lagoon, the amazing food of the restaurants and a visit to the Church of Laç make your day a true exploration.

18. Koman Lake ­

The surface of the lake is perfectly still. The steep hills on either side and the high mountains beyond are empty of human life, save for the occasional lonely farmstead embedded in the hillside. There are no visible roads, no telephone wires to connect this place to the outside world. While on the ferry journey along Lake Koman in northern Albania,  it’s not difficult to imagine you’re drifting through a landscape that has laid undisturbed for centuries.

Practical Info

Buses from Shkodër to Lake Koman depart from Café Barcelona on the corner of Rruga Skenderbeg and Rruga Marin Barleti at 6.30, 7 and 7.30am (all arriving for the ferry).


19. Korça

Korça has cobble stone streets and villas from 20s and 30s. At Republika boulevard you can find plenty of cool cafes crowded with youngsters.The renovated Old Bazaar  is an old market which welcomes you with , different traditional and modern restaurants, shops, bakeries and cafes. Near Korça don’t miss the village of Voskopoja and Dardha.


20. Valbona

A wild, high, mountainous region inhabited by strong and fiercely independent people, the Malësi has for the history of Albania been the region which was never really conquered or subdued by the various waves of invaders during the last 2,000 years of Balkan history. The name “Valbona” is used to refer to the Valbona River, which in turn flows through the valley bearing its name, and a small village in the valley, as well the general area informally.


The advantage when traveling in Albania is that distances are not long and when having a car is very easy to travel at one place to another.

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