Top Best 20 Beaches in South Albania

Here is top beach destination in the summertime in South Albania. The places are wonderful and it’s worth visit all of them.

1. Saranda

This is where everyone start enjoying the south. There are many places that offer the comfort of the hotel and the crystal clear water under your feet.

2. Ksamil

The end of the south Riviera of Albania is where all the beauty gathers. Usually there is less people here comparing to other places but it depends on the season. There are three small islands on the other side of the shore and you can even go swimming at one of them, and at the others a trip with a boat would be perfect. Swimming in those turquoise waters is what we call a proper summer vacation.

3. The Blue Eye

It’s not a beach but you surely can swim in it. The water is very cold because it bubbles to the surface from a very deep source that no one really knows how meters it is. Divers have only descend to 50 meters.

4. Dhërmi

One of the longest beaches on the south Albanian Riviera, Dhërmi it’s a destination for many tourists. The village is full of stone houses and the beach has white stones in the shore which make the water very bright. There are plenty of bars, from the chilling ones to the dancing ones.

5. Porto Palermo

When you are driving toward Saranda you will see the castle on your right, perched up on a little peninsula with a lovely little beach and the clearest of waters. It’s the castle of Ali Pashë Tepelena. He was the governor of the most Epirus (the current south Albania) and the large part of the Greek mainland, Ioniana –Yanina. The fort served as former Soviet submarine base during the communist regime in Albania, and nowadays its semi abandoned tunnel and barrack attract attention of visitors, as well as the stronghold walls and gates built by the powerful Ali Pasha of Ionina.

6. Borsh

Borsh it’s about 7km long. The village is full of olive tries as this area has the appropriate climate and location for healthy trees. Borsh is still untouched by tourism development, which makes it a quite intimate place to stay.

7. Himara

Himara is a great place to stay. There are few hostels that’s worth staying. Once situated in Himara you can check out other beaches near the place. Livadh is about 3km of town. It’s a wide stone beach with rolling hills nearby. Potam it’s also another option worth going.

8. Bunec

Bunec it’s divided by a river which begins up in the mountains surrounding the beach. It’s a popular option for camping. This is the place for those who want to hit the waves.

9. Lukova

It’s another quite beach. The combination of crystal blue water combined with the green surroundings makes this place a little paradise.

10. Palasa

After you pass the Llogara, the zigzag through the mountains, this is your reward view. There is not much development here, few restaurants and cafes. It’s a quite village with very old trees.

11. Jala

Jala beach has great parties and camping. If you want to take out the most of your holiday, this is the place to be.

12. Pasqyra Beach

It literally means “The mirrors.” This is because of a legendary story that someone saw the city of Saranda as a mirage in the white stones under the water. It’s a very peaceful and gorgeous place.

13. Pulëbardha Beach

Exclusive, hard to find and slightly inaccessible, but very worth the effort. A small beach-restaurant with fantastic view on the mountainside that surrounds the underlying beach.

14. Pema e Thatë

It’s a wonderful place. The panoramic view is breathless. The water is clear and you can play with the waves! Usually the place is a must destination for most of people so better hurry up in the morning 😉

15. Orikum

It was named after the ancient city Oricum, which was located 4 km west of modern Orikum. he municipal unit consists of the town Orikum and the villages Dukat Fushë, Dukat, Tragjas and Radhimë. Nearby the modern city is located the only marina in Albania, Marina of Orikum.

16. Radhimë

It’s located between Saranda and Vlora. Clean waters, traditional served food. During you stay there you can sail to the nearby caves on the Karaburun peninsula.

17. Gjipe

Don’t miss it. It’s hidden by the surrounding mountain. To reach the beach requires 30-minute trek that offers fabulous views of the coast. Make sure you wear a hat during the walk. Once there you can enter inside the Canyon, which offers great opportunities for ones that like hiking. It’s a separate beach, no bars, no stores, you have to bring everything yourself.

18. Zvërnec Island

This place has a nice landscape. The island has an 18th century monastery in the middle of the forest. It is accessible by a wooden bridge.

19. Drymades

Drymades is the beach next to Dhërmi. There you can find nice resorts, camping and small wooden houses. Mostly is known as another option to Dhërmi. Of course also here bars are not missing. Usually the same owners that manage the bars in Tirana, in the summer they open here as well. This means that the nightlife it’s not missing in the summer days. The seaside is long, and you can find a corner for your tend if you have one.

20. Qeparo

The village of Qeparoi is located close to the gulf of Porto Palermo and has its own distinctive beach. Old Qeparoi, built on the hillside. It is true of most of the traditional villages, the central public area of old Qeparo has several old Sycamore trees in the area of the center. The area includes clear and ancient cobbled footpaths on the mountain side, down to the beach area, and over to the Borsh valley. The majority of the settlement, (about ¾), is situated on the top and slopes of the western hill overlooking Qeparo valley, and the rest of the houses are situated on the slopes of the eastern slopes of the eastern hill. The village impresses with the stunning beauty, the harmony with the terrain and the traditional architecture that the profile of the hill where the village is situated creates.


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