Funny facts about Albania

Every country has its own funny and wired things, Albania has many of them.  Here is a list of 10 fun-facts about the country:

1. More Albanians live outside the country than within

Since Albania has gone through severe decades of communism the people didn’t really know about the world outside. So parents nowadays try to encourage their children to explore the world and travel, since they didn’t have the opportunity to do it in those times.According to some statistics it is estimated that there are around 6 million Albanians living in planet earth, but only 2.5 live inside the country


2. Albanian buses are far way better than Swiss timing, they are timeless!

The buses to long distances usually don’t have a time table, they depart when they are full – so communication is really important in these cases.


3. Yes is no

Albanians nod when they mean “no” and shake their head when they mean “yes”. Careful when answering questions 😉


4. Military Bunkers are transformed into Bars

In the 90’s the military bunkers were turned into bars where men could order rakia and meze (food that is associated to Rakia drink). Nowadays different artists are coloring them.


5. Lord Byron was a fan

In a letter to his mother, he wrote that Albanians have the most “magnificent” dresses in the world and told of his horse-riding in the country. “Land of Albania. Let me bend mine eyes on thee, thou rugged nurse of savage men,” he wrote in “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage”.


6. Albania has tons of flowers

Albania boasts more than 3,250 species of plants, which accounts for 30 per cent of all flora in Europe. Who knew that?


7.No surprise it’s called the “cannabis capital of Europe”

Despite its healing attribute, people use it for different purpose. (If there were no request from the outside world, wouldn’t have been so popular.)


8. Dordolec – The scary puppet

You will notice that in many unfinished houses there is hanged a puppet; most of the time looks quite scary. People believe that it’s for the bad eye and to prevent envy.


9. Albanian parents are matchmakers

In Albanian language this is called “shkesa”. It means finding the proper match for their children to get married. They continuously feed their children with possible options, especially if they are above 30 and not married yet.


10. Rakia is holy

It’s not the main aim for rakia to get you drunk, that just happens during the way.

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