20 Reasons why you should visit Albania ASAP

Albania has been ignored as a tourist destination. History tells Albania that was under one of the most repressive communist totalitarian regimes. But things are way, way different now, and while the country still has far to come to catch up with its neighbors in Europe, it’s making great strides towards lasting progress.

Here are the top reasons why to visit Albania:


It’s not just affordable – it’s cheap.

Budget backpacking anywhere in Balkans, with the exception of Croatia, is inexpensive compared to Western Europe. But Albania is leaps and bounds cheaper than its neighbors, especially when it comes to transit and food costs. Albania is not yet in EU so, hurry up before the prices increase.

The country is safe.

Most of people that fear going to Albania, it’s to say that they are really old fashioned. Times have passed and things always get better for touristic countries which have a wide range of possibilities to develop and at the same time share their nature with visitors.

Albanians give the best directions.

Mostly they speak English, and if they do, oftentimes they’ll just walk with you to your destination because they’re afraid of you getting lost. Some might have found this bothering but let’s face it you will never meet this people again, take advantage of each opportunity that comes to you!

Albanian people are the most generous in EUROPE.

It’s in the culture of Albanian the expression of, “Sharing is caring”. They are the most caring people and will share most of the things they own to make you feel comfortable and part of their big family.

You’ll see that things offered to you will be more than your mom does.

Your mom also doesn’t give you much rakia does she? 😉

The beaches are one of the best in Europe.

The stony beaches make the water  gorgeous.

The sunsets along the coast are incredible.

From many spots along the Riviera, you’ll  be treated to breathtaking sunsets.

Albanians are honest.

Honesty sometimes is taken as a downside but it looks like they can’t hold the truth for too long. This is brave and you need guts to face the situations with this kind of approach.


There are countless fortresses and castles that you can explore.

The ancient fortresses have their own hidden untold stories. Make a lot of questions to whomever is guiding you 😉

The coast has amazing seafood.

You can eat delicious fresh prawns, mussels, fish, calamari… all for very affordable prices.

Local dishes are delightful.

Traditional Albanian specialties like tavë kosi (baked lamb with yogurt) and patëllxhanët e mbushur (stuffed eggplant) are unique and delicious, always cooked with local ingredients and fresh produce. They do have many vegetarian plates since the vegetables are very tasty it makes sense to veggie plates to be delicious as well.

The mountains are absolutely beautiful.

Try going from Valbona to Theth. And than let’s see if you can add some more words to Albanian mountains. They’re just speechless!

The Albanian language is unlike any other.

Albanian (called Shqip, which is pronounced “shqip”, which gives you a little preview of the beautiful chaos that is the Albanian language) is one of the oldest living languages.

Mercedes Benzes are the national car.

It’s the car that fits to the personality of Albanians. Who knows Mercedes Benz knows the driver who owns it.

Tirana is unlike any other capital city.

People often compare it to Berlin or Tel Aviv. It’s chaotic and exhilarating, unique and intriguing, improvised and energetic. There’s a sense that it’s stuck in the past at the same time that it’s accelerating towards the future, and it’s fascinating to be right there with it.

The nightlife in Tirana is really fun.

Blloku neighborhood, the old heart of the communist party loyalists is one of the most frequented areas. This has turned into a hipster/upscale neighborhood of sorts.

Albanians are incredibly tolerant of other religions.

Religion appears to be more of a cultural significance than any deeply held convictions. Unlike other neighborhood countries, where ethnic strife was in large part exacerbated by religious differences, Albanians really don’t seem to care that much about religion.

You’ll meet a lot of like-minded travelers in Albania.

Since not many people travel to Albania, the tourists who do go there are really interesting, easy-going, and open-minded. You’ll never met more interesting and fun people when traveling in Albania!

Albania will also teach you trust.

Because Albania isn’t the easiest place to get around, especially since the public transportation system is run mostly by word of mouth and there’s no online timetable yet, you’ll have to learn to trust strangers. But that is actually a blessing in disguise, because it’ll show you just how kind and caring most people in the world are.

Albania is never boring.

No matter where you go in the country, it’s guaranteed, you’ll have never seen any place quite like it.


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